Oct 2, 2013

Draftstorm (Concepts and ideas )

Here are the first ideas I have had concerning nids, I will also organise this articles in order to make with my WIPs some sort of tutorials for anyone.

  -First of all escort drones and vanguard

-New concept of krakens, this time just one standard shape.

-Emergent drone and cruiser type

-New interchangeable weapon concepts for the big ships.

-This time the hive ship will be a multipart miniature, to make easier the copy

 And the cruiser type kraken.

The Proteus ship still don’t have a complete draft, I am still figuring our how could I make it better structurally speaking and with new materials (As I don't have access to the same resources)

This time all the ships are going to have parts and shapes in common, like a big familly, Uniformity is the key word.

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