Oct 9, 2013

(Eld) Nadiad class ships (Eldar transport and heavy transport) phase 1

Finally all the new equipment have arrived (I may write an article of my new toys)
Yesterday I started and I am at this moment working on it.
I have no bateries, witch make really difficult to make photos. I am sorry for the quality of them. I used my mobile phone.
This is my first attempt to built an eldar ship, so lest hope it is not a disaster
The first class of ships are going to be the Naiad ship that you can see in the drawing, but many more are coming, I have a great lack of elder ships, specially considering the new eldar fleet list.
Just something I think is interesting; when I was drawing the ship I realise is actually just like the dark eldar raider. As the drawing appears on the elder 4th edition codex, I wander what came first the naiad or the raider. ;)

As the Naiad class cruiser is so different to the war ships I will consider it a heavy transport and as well I have designed an escort class ship witch is going to my craftword common transport.

Eldar FW transports are not bad but quite corsair style, so I think it can be good to have a new shape for transports.
Anyway here are the main drafts

And the plasticard structure with comparison. 

I am still waiting a shiping for milliput standar grey with may be very helpfull with this fragile design. We will see.
 I hope you like it and any proposal concerning tecnics, design or ideas for eldar ships is wellcome.
Or just coment ;)

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