Oct 19, 2013

Plans for next week

Unfortunately I still have to wait the sandpaper to arrive, so It have to stop a bit the production.

But there is nothing to worry about, that actually is giving me more time to prepare new stuff.
I have a brand new table witch is enormous, since now I will have a lot more space and light.
As well I anounce now that in the future I will also make videos, starting with this one witch I will start recording this next week.

So in a future you will be able to se my tutorials with extra support in case you want to do it.

As well it will take me a lot of time to post this new project, as it is going to be the biggest ship I have ever built,( and you may have seen the planet devourer ;) ).
For the moment just the main concept, thanks to dawn of war retribution.

I am not sure if it is going to be a great fail or not, the initial structure is 45cms long, (18 inches) .

As you will know if don't know already I like big things :D (Nothing to compensate :P )
Also as well is going ot be my first multi part ship. 
Anyway I promise an update in the forum every weekend, even If I couldn't work.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Eduardo, I think you do a great job. Keep it up and do not be discouraged by not finding any geek by these northern lands.