Oct 16, 2013

(Eld) Wyrm class battleship (Phase 3, part 1) learning

Ok I am going to updade the blog because phase 3 is going to be long, I am starting practicing with the miliput white and I am still extremly upset, yea, in general this is always like this, you should dee mi first mini, :)
This is the first result.

I know I know

:D I guess I didn't mix well the part as both have the same colour or white miliput is just that b******t, as more experience scultors recomend it I will give it more tries.

The part of it is that plasticard has given me really good result on my first try.

 But after some work

I am already designing the new weapon kit, yes kit, witch will give me all the options for eldar battleships.

-Wyrm battleship
       4 Port-starboard Pulsar Lances, 16 Prow Weapons Battery, 8 Keel Torpedoes
       6 Port-starboard Pulsar Lances, 16 Prow Weapons Battery, 

-The wild serpent.
       2 Prow Pulsar Lance, Prow Torpedoes, Keel Launch Bay, Keel Weapons Battery.

Ok this make modelling extremely difficult, so I guess I will have to make 2 kits, and maybe a third one for the void raven.

For the moment:
-Prow weapons batteries,  just like the cruisers but a little bit bigger.
-the keel is going to be divided in 3 parts, center (keel), and left-right (port-starboard)

I have to think on the wild serpent, cause it is impossible to make them match and a keel batteries is not viable at the moment.
We will se If I find a solution.

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