Oct 26, 2013

Eldar ships, detail process

Unfortunately I was sick this week and I haven't worked much, :( sorry.
But not everything is bad, the sandpaper arrived and I could start with the final phase of eldar ships.
Actually I realized How to work with the white milliput to get a better result.
My solution was mixing it with greenstuff. and this are the results.
At this moment this is the most critical part because is just boring to death. But I will make all my efforts to finish this ships.

1st the wyrm class battleship, the prow is nearly finished just some details to add holes to fill and that stuff. I am now working to do the  center and rear points.

  As you can se the main prow weapons are done, just figuring up where and how should I put the pulsars.
I also made the solar sails for the Nadiad ships, you can see them near the imperial transports.

And finally a familly photo.

I may post once more tomorrow, I am about to start with the space hulk and still have some tutorials prepared to be posted.

Oct 19, 2013

Plans for next week

Unfortunately I still have to wait the sandpaper to arrive, so It have to stop a bit the production.

But there is nothing to worry about, that actually is giving me more time to prepare new stuff.
I have a brand new table witch is enormous, since now I will have a lot more space and light.
As well I anounce now that in the future I will also make videos, starting with this one witch I will start recording this next week.

So in a future you will be able to se my tutorials with extra support in case you want to do it.

As well it will take me a lot of time to post this new project, as it is going to be the biggest ship I have ever built,( and you may have seen the planet devourer ;) ).
For the moment just the main concept, thanks to dawn of war retribution.

I am not sure if it is going to be a great fail or not, the initial structure is 45cms long, (18 inches) .

As you will know if don't know already I like big things :D (Nothing to compensate :P )
Also as well is going ot be my first multi part ship. 
Anyway I promise an update in the forum every weekend, even If I couldn't work.

Oct 16, 2013

(Eld) Wyrm class battleship (Phase 3, part 1) learning

Ok I am going to updade the blog because phase 3 is going to be long, I am starting practicing with the miliput white and I am still extremly upset, yea, in general this is always like this, you should dee mi first mini, :)
This is the first result.

I know I know

:D I guess I didn't mix well the part as both have the same colour or white miliput is just that b******t, as more experience scultors recomend it I will give it more tries.

The part of it is that plasticard has given me really good result on my first try.

 But after some work

I am already designing the new weapon kit, yes kit, witch will give me all the options for eldar battleships.

-Wyrm battleship
       4 Port-starboard Pulsar Lances, 16 Prow Weapons Battery, 8 Keel Torpedoes
       6 Port-starboard Pulsar Lances, 16 Prow Weapons Battery, 

-The wild serpent.
       2 Prow Pulsar Lance, Prow Torpedoes, Keel Launch Bay, Keel Weapons Battery.

Ok this make modelling extremely difficult, so I guess I will have to make 2 kits, and maybe a third one for the void raven.

For the moment:
-Prow weapons batteries,  just like the cruisers but a little bit bigger.
-the keel is going to be divided in 3 parts, center (keel), and left-right (port-starboard)

I have to think on the wild serpent, cause it is impossible to make them match and a keel batteries is not viable at the moment.
We will se If I find a solution.

Oct 13, 2013

(Eld) Wyrm class battleship (Phases 1 and 2)

In BFG R there is a new ship, a battleship and here is my idea.
Depending on the result I may make also a grand cruiser, witch I don't have. We will see.

First of all the initial draft
 Plasticard guide
Comparison with other ships+ first filling

 Actual status of the ship
And a family photo.

Again just like the others I am waiting for the putty to start with phase 3

(Eld) Nadiad class ships (Eldar transport and heavy transport) phase 2

OK here is phase two, filling material.

Unfortunately I am still waiting  the putty so I must stop, but I have plenty of things in mind.

This were the first process of the filling, the result was two fat ass ships :)

 The escort fat ass version
 Sorry about the photo, I didn't realiced of it and now is to late to fix it.

I just wanted to test how would they look like with the sails

An after some surgery the fat ass is no longer a problem.

Next week (If the putty arrives) details phase.

Oct 9, 2013

(Eld) Nadiad class ships (Eldar transport and heavy transport) phase 1

Finally all the new equipment have arrived (I may write an article of my new toys)
Yesterday I started and I am at this moment working on it.
I have no bateries, witch make really difficult to make photos. I am sorry for the quality of them. I used my mobile phone.
This is my first attempt to built an eldar ship, so lest hope it is not a disaster
The first class of ships are going to be the Naiad ship that you can see in the drawing, but many more are coming, I have a great lack of elder ships, specially considering the new eldar fleet list.
Just something I think is interesting; when I was drawing the ship I realise is actually just like the dark eldar raider. As the drawing appears on the elder 4th edition codex, I wander what came first the naiad or the raider. ;)

As the Naiad class cruiser is so different to the war ships I will consider it a heavy transport and as well I have designed an escort class ship witch is going to my craftword common transport.

Eldar FW transports are not bad but quite corsair style, so I think it can be good to have a new shape for transports.
Anyway here are the main drafts

And the plasticard structure with comparison. 

I am still waiting a shiping for milliput standar grey with may be very helpfull with this fragile design. We will see.
 I hope you like it and any proposal concerning tecnics, design or ideas for eldar ships is wellcome.
Or just coment ;)