Oct 26, 2013

Eldar ships, detail process

Unfortunately I was sick this week and I haven't worked much, :( sorry.
But not everything is bad, the sandpaper arrived and I could start with the final phase of eldar ships.
Actually I realized How to work with the white milliput to get a better result.
My solution was mixing it with greenstuff. and this are the results.
At this moment this is the most critical part because is just boring to death. But I will make all my efforts to finish this ships.

1st the wyrm class battleship, the prow is nearly finished just some details to add holes to fill and that stuff. I am now working to do the  center and rear points.

  As you can se the main prow weapons are done, just figuring up where and how should I put the pulsars.
I also made the solar sails for the Nadiad ships, you can see them near the imperial transports.

And finally a familly photo.

I may post once more tomorrow, I am about to start with the space hulk and still have some tutorials prepared to be posted.

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