Sep 30, 2013

Shipyard reopening, winter is coming

Well Well, 
First of all I would like to apologize for not writing in such a long time. This midyear has been extremely difficult concerning hobbies due to some personal problems.
But most of them are finally solved and looks like I have time again for what I hope it will be a great return.

Main changes:
- BFG is no longer a specialist game, which means buying a single ship on ebay is today ridiculous. Fortunately I have enough ships to work and I promise I am preparing some project due to this new situation.
-I finally have a bit of stability which means I have more space and resources for new equipment.
-After nearly 6 months of not really doing much stuff I have my mind full of ideas and new challenges to front.

New schedule for this Autumn: (Cold visiting again Germany)
-New work place
Better for doing my manual work and performance.
With a bunch of new tools and tecnics to not just create new ships but inproving the results a lot.
-BFG skirmish
Finishing the first draft of BFG skirmish. I already have something very interesting I just need to organize all my notes and create a nice to read PDF.
Design and testing of the new ships and rules and present them to the specialist games forum.
After finishing the first draft I will try to find aid in the net so this project never stops or is lost because there is just one guy working on it.
-The Red cluster conflict.
I will focus my attention to 4 main fleets, new ships, conversions, terrain, basically I will continue with my old schedule with new ideas.
First of all I want to center every fleet in one big center element. I will start with it and I will finish them before I continue with anything else.
-The very first big project,  New Proteus Hive ship.
After nearly 2 years (with a great intermittence) I will restart with the tyranid fleet, but this time is going to be the definitive one.
This new concept is going to be designed to avoid all the problems I had with the last one and it is going to be reaaally nasty. 

Even if I have just 2 followers I am really happy to have your support and I am planning to really make this blog worth to be follow.


  1. Look forward to seeing what you churn out - remember to post links to TMP, starship combat news and the specialist forum to drum up your readership!

  2. Thank dude, I was actually thinking in doing that when this blog has more life and articles.
    actually I don't know exacly TMP, or starship combat news :P I will investigate ;)