Nov 10, 2013

short update, starting with tyranids while finishing the eldar battleship

 As expected working with the eldar battleship has become really boring, not just because the slow results but because any time I change anything I have to wait until the next day to just continue so I am still going but I need something to do meanwhile.
This new motors doesn't convince me much, I guess I will need to buy some extra plasticard tubes.

So I started with my last tyranid try, this time It is going to take a lot longer due to the fact that I want perfection, I will invest not just my energy but all the knowledge I have accumulated this years.

 As you can see this time I have a reference for doing the ships shape, as well the battleship are going to be multicomponent, so I will have different options.

Also I have started with the big guys, and despite I use aluminum paper for the interiors I have run out of paper paste doing in the structure so you can figure put how big It is. I hope It can resist Its own weigth

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