Feb 2, 2013

---Create your own personal flying bases---

This is a very simple and cheap thing to do.

Materials needed:
-GW flying bases
-Metal bars(in my case 2.5mm brass bars)
-Evergreen scale models strips(for this example ,0.010 x 0.020'' strips)
-green stuff(WG bases have a 2.6mms hole so is just to fill it)



Well most of BFG players have one think in comon, problems with their bases and in my case I have a huge collection of broken bases.

First of all you make  a cross, to not having any dough where is the front, starboard, port and rear.

Apart from the cross, ships usually make turns, in most of my fleets the most usual turn is max 45ยบ so just adding another 4 simple lines and we will not need the nova canion template.
 The  turning marks for big bases is 5 mm leght, in case of escorts bases is 2,5mm.

Final result

 Your bases now are going to be more resistan to travels, you will have the option to have more variety in the ships placement so your formations are going to be more diverse and  you will no need to use the nova canion template to turn.

Also you can add some especial features like spore clouds in the case of tyranids, some space to put your ships name, gluing some ordnance...

(Example of tyranids custom base)

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