Feb 2, 2013

---Add and create space cities in your miniatures and defences---

One of the thins that I like about BFG is the supposed scale in witch you play.
Kilometric ships fight for void supremathy.
I specially like this pictures

of course the only problem of playing a miniatures game is that you can not manufacture miniatures with that detail. Why? because is not worth it. But that doesn’t mean it is difficult.

There are many ways of doing that building stuff and towers. the first think you can think of is simply plasticard tubes of different shapes, and you are correct that is a really good way.

But, the problem I faced came when I started thinking in doing a really big project. Well that projects are still on stand by but I found a ways do adding huge cities in your miniatures in less than 20 minutes and really easy.
Take note ;).
-Plastiline(any shape or quality is ok but I recommend hard ones)
-2 components Resin (I know is not something everybody has but If you have it)
- Your base miniature
tubes ob diferent shapes.

Step 1: Workplace
Prepare the plastiline. you will need a plane surface and you should be aware that the resin can felt to your table so secure everything.

Step 2: Negative.
Now we are going to build the city we want but in a negative, first make a negative of the surface you want the city, then using the different shape tubes just give the plastiline a random shape. the result should be the plastiline with a lot of holes and a shape in with you can place the miniature secure.

Step 3  Resin casting
Just put the resin on the negative and immediately put the surface in contact with the resin. This time s you may know you must wait until the resin is cured.

Step 4 clean and final details
When the resin is ready take the miniature or surface and cleans the plastiline rest. Now take a look on your space city, now just cut the borders of it and add the final details. There is a problem with this system, the problem are bubbles, I guess with a void maquine This would not happen, but lets make it an advance. now every bubble in your  towers is a placement for your plasticard buildings.

 Example of final result.
Before adding plasticard 
After adding plasticard

Well I think this is awesome in case you want to build your own defences, including ork roks, terrain and even hulks.
In my case the first projects that implement this process are my black ship and the space station I just made for this tutorial.
I hope you liked it and any feedback is welcome.


  1. That's some crazy stuff you have going on there!

  2. I will try to create a homemade vacuum chamber to not having the bubbles, we will se if I don't die ;)