Jan 27, 2013

kraken frenzzy part 1

Ok I have had this blog on stand by to many time, here we go.
First part of kraken frenzy.
Objective: I want to create 4 families of krakens, each family will have 5 ships.
Carnivore,  predator, subadult, immature and larvae.
You will be probably asking yourself "what?", well krakens, talking in terms of background, don’t have spore cysts but in BFG:R edition fleet list they have turrets and the predator has also shields.
I will write in a future a very big article about spores I wrote on my free time I hope you like it.
Just as a prelude Krakens don’t have common spores but they usually don’t battle the same way as the other ships in tyranid fleet.
Krakens go to war in huge families witch can reach hundrets  of individuals, most of them are to immature to represent a treat to even a escort ship but they can be quite dangerous if the adult family members are under attack doing everything on their hands to protect them. witch mean krakens can be even more dangerous for small ships like bombers and fighter if they suffer damage.
In game term they are just turrets, witch help them against ordnance and in boarding actions
I present you the Ramsmintter

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