Dec 22, 2012

Next years modeling project

Ok I am still dealing with the format of this thing, so this is going to change a lot untill I am happy.
But lets start organicing the fleet projects.

Open projects:
-Ork fleet
I have just received a hole fleet from PW from specialist in arm games consisting in 41 scorts and 6 cruisers. I will just paint them and maybe prepare something with the bases... Of course not. I need more. I will improve all the ships if posible with best engines and more gunz
New ships incoming:
*Ork space hulk
*Ork superbattleship
*Ork battleship
*Ork real defences (not just roks)

-Tyranid fleet
Most of you already know my tyranid fleet made from scracht, I will remodel it starting with a whole new family of krakens.
New photos of the first family

Future projects
-Eldar fleet Saim Hann, With craftworld eldars, corsair eldars and the craftworld itself very big project including both conversions and new ships, defences and scenery.
-Inquisition, an imperial fleet with aditions

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  1. YES!!!!! More BFG bloggers! And Tyranids even!! Amazing. Keep it up. Can't wait to see more.