Jan 12, 2014

Happy new year, but bad news

Unfortunately there is no real update this week as my bag (With no all but a lot of stuff) was lost on my way to Hamburg.
While they are looking for it there are not going to be updates, as all my tools were in it.
As well unfortunately I have to announce that this blog is not going to have very long life.
Last year was by far not the best one, as specialist games have been completely abandoned by GW I have given up to convince my friends to start a fleet and well, collecting and building stuff is nice, but it is nicer if you have someone to play with you.
Also last year something happened that changed my perspective a lot. There is a new game that is going to be realised and is of a topic witch overpass by far BFG or warhammer 40k, so unfortunately I guess this months are going to be probably the last for this blog.
Anyway I am really happy with the experience, even just having 2 followers has been enough to have a good memories and I will be proud to say that I created a blog on my own that actually received visits. 
Just to end I am not going to sell my ships, (even If I would earn a lot of money with the GW) so I still may recover the motivation to build ships. Future will say.

For the moment I will try to close all the open projects and paint (With a new airbrush I am going to buy and learn how to use) all the ships of my 4 fleets. So keep an eye on it.

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